Name -- Syntax / Description
Returns a 128-bit unique ID.
miva_async_sleep( until, semfile, semlocation )
Sleep until the "until" time, or the modified time on the file described by semfile and semlocation is changed.
Return Value: None
  • until = time_t (seconds since 1-JAN-1970) set in the future, the time to sleep until
  • semfile = file name to watch
  • semlocation = location of the file to watch. "script" or "data", defaulting to "data" if any other value.
miva_getvarlist( scope )
Returns a comma-separated list of the names of all currently defined variables where: scope = the string literal "l", "g", "s" (i.e. local, global, system)
miva_ieee754_normalize( significant_digits, value )
Normalize the value to IEEE 754 specifications, to the given number of significant digits.
Return value: The normalized value to the specified significant digits
  • significant_digits = Number of digits to normalize the value to.
  • value = Floating point value to normalize.
Writes the HTTP headers and any other output to the browser. Subsequent calls will write the output, but not the headers.
miva_output_header( header, value )
Sets an HTTP header name-value pair.
miva_setdefaultdatabase( database )
This function takes a string as a parameter which specifies the type of database to which the miva_defaultdatabase system variable is set.
miva_setdefaultlanguage( language )
miva_setlanguage( language )
miva_setprocessname( name )
Set the process name (where possible) and alters the s.process_name variable.
Return value: None.
  • name = Text to set the process name to.
miva_sleep( msecs )
Delays the running application for msecs milliseconds or until the global timeout expires, whichever is shorter.
Return Value: None
  • msecs = the number of milliseconds to delay
miva_template_compile( signat, source var, sourceitems var, target, errors var )
Compiles the contents of a string into a page template file.
Returns 1 if compilation succeeds, 0 if error occured.
  • signat = Any text. The md5 hash value of this text will bestored in the MVC file.
  • source = The source to compile into a template file.
  • sourceitems = array of valid item names.The compiler will return an error if an mvt:item tag has a "name" attribute that is not in this list.
  • target = The name of the file (relative to the script directory) to put the .mvc file.
  • errors = If the function returns 0, this will contain error text.
miva_template_compile_dump( source var, errors var )
miva_template_compile_itemlist( signat, source var, sourceitems var, target, errors var )
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