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Justin Sims : justin at, e-businessexpress d0t com
05/05/2011 20:47 p.m.
While at first glance the comment tag may appear to be the least powerful, it can certainly prove useful on a regular basis. MvCOMMENT provides a simple method of notating one's code. While performing complex operations or having to take an extended break from coding, I've found that I save a lot of time and frustration by keeping brief notes after every couple of lines or so.

Leaving short but helpful descriptions of what's going on with each major step will save you time down the road when you revisit the source code to make an update or troubleshoot an issue. Additionally, they're also nice for maintaining a changelog inside of your source for version and bugfix tracking.
*** Module Changelog ***
   v 5.001   04/11/11   Justin   -Modified query to baskets table to only execute if
                                  g.basket:cust_id is not null
*** Module Changelog ***