Returns the string, concatenated with the value of each token contained in replacements. Replacements is an array of structures, each with a token and a value.
tokenize( string, variables )
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Chris Cookson : chris d0t cookson at, createit d0t co d0t nz
07/07/2012 00:08 a.m.
The first parameter of the function must contain a string with each token enclosed by %%
The second parameter must be an array with each array element being a structure with two members.
There must be a token member and a value member.

The example script below will output:

Homer J. Simpson lives in Springfield. Homer J. Simpson likes beer.
<mvassign name = "replacements[1]:token" value = "name">
<mvassign name = "replacements[1]:value" value = "Homer J. Simpson">
<mvassign name = "replacements[2]:token" value = "town">
<mvassign name = "replacements[2]:value" value = "Springfield">
<mveval expr = "{tokenize('%name% lives in %town%. %name% likes beer.',replacements)}">